Risk Management

Sound risk management is a fundamental element for successful and proactive business operations. As risk is inherent to all businesses, the early identification and steadfast management of risk is imperative to help your organisation achieve its corporate objectives.

Risk can manifest itself in many shapes and forms and has the potential to impact on any business area(s) such as health and safety, environment, compliance, operational and financial.

The Risk Management module will assist you to identify, access, control and manage potential impacts to the organisation utilising best practices in risk management such as AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009. Applying an organisational ERM framework will ensure an effective and consistent approach to Risk Management.

  • Standardised risk management processes and methodologies
  • Improved risk information sharing
  • True picture of enterprise risk
  • Early identification of risk by management
  • Create a "Risk Aware" culture
  • Key Risk Indicators
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