Claims Management

Your organisation's risk exposure can be significantly affected by a worker's compensation claim potentially leading to increases in insurance premiums, litigation and regulatory penalties.

The Claims Management module will help minimise these effects by providing advanced case management tools, high levels of transparency, robust return to work and rehabilitation functions and compensation management processes.

With the Health & Safety module you are able to track a claim from a hazard, to an injury and potentially a claim. This data will enable claims managers to better manage the root causes of claims and help prevent future injuries. Safe and healthy workplaces are more productive, reduce compensation claims and lead to lower workplace injury premiums meaning businesses are more competitive and a better bottom line.

  • Drive down claim frequency and severity
  • Improve return to work statistics
  • Introduce best practice claims management
  • Cost savings through streamlined claims management
  • Reduce risk and cost of regulatory penalties through alerts & warnings
  • Claims Register
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